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Nexus means connection and centre and in the world of filmmaking connection is vital. It is a collaborative art - shared visions, passions, and skills gelling together to achieve that particular and peculiar magic. Movies. There is nothing else quite like it. Hence, we have formed a collective of accomplished creatives with diverse skills to collaborate on exciting projects with the aim of being at the forefront of digital media.


At NPG we pride ourselves on being unique, diverse, and only limited by our imaginations. Though our primary pursuit is film we have experience in all facets of digital production ? from television, web series, corporate video, photography, graphics and animation, to festival organisation, consultancy services, and theatre performance and production.


Please read our Mission Statement to learn more about what we stand for and click on the individual profiles below to view biographies of the Nexus team. And don?t hesitate to get in touch with any one of us to learn more about our projects, what we do, or can do for you.




Ivan Malekin

Producer / Director / Editor

Sarah Jayne

Writer / Director / Art Director



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 Clara Pagone

Actor / Producer

 Patrick Siscar

Visual Effects Artist / Animator

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Nexus Production Group is built on the foundation of film production, digital content development, and concept development for television. Our primary aim is to produce feature and short films that maximise their audience, award, distribution and festival potential around the world.


Driven by creativity, originality, and passion, we are dedicated to demonstrating our virtues of rising members of the digital media industry by producing quality and innovative content, whilst also presenting our core values of integrity, pride, teamwork, and creative focus.


Our growing reputation reflects the quality and originality of our work. The diverse nature of the group means we have multiple skills, experience, and resources to draw upon. Nexus values the individuality of each member, and every project utilises different combinations of the collective in pursuit of maximum effectiveness. This does not necessarily signify an enclosed circle within our group. We support and employ ideas by external individuals within our brand.


Nexus will always strive to be at the forefront of the media industry and engage our members, partners, and our supporters in exciting and quality projects. Be it film production, corporate video, consultation services, theatre performance, or festival organisation; we will deliver quality and creativity every time. We think big, dream bigger, and with our employed values, multiple skills, and work ethic, we?ll be a creative force for a long time to come.

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NPG was established in 2007 under the name Nameless Production Group by Ivan Malekin and Patrick Siscar. It was a means to produce our first films and learn the craft of filmmaking ? two friends new to filmmaking, unknown, the ?nameless? label self-referential and tongue-in-cheek.


Our early work was raw and rough, the learning curve steep, but roles were established early on ? Ivan writing, directing, editing; Patrick adding graphics and effects. We made mistakes. But learned together. Explored a burgeoning short film world, made our first connections, formed friendships with fellow filmmakers that are still strong to this day. You can learn more about our early work in the Production section of this website.


In 2009 the very first Made In Melbourne Film Festival was held. Only a one night event in the beginning, the festival would grow year after year, receive support from an array of industry sponsors, including a grant from the Melbourne City Council, and screen at illustrious venues like the Astor Theatre, BMW Edge, and the Capitol Theatre in front of huge crowds. MIM is now a popular and established event in the local film scene. Sarah Jayne, Tim Ferris, and Patrick Siscar are all key members of the MIM team. To learn more about MIM and the other festivals Nexus is associated with visit the Festival page.


In 2010 ?Nameless? became ?Nexus?, a much more appropriate title for what we were aiming to become. A focal point for film, a connected production outfit focused on creativity and collaboration. We began production on our first feature film, Dace Decklan: Private Eye, an over-the-top comedy romp done on a non-existent budget. It was a challenging but terrific experience full of fun and memories. In 2012 our first feature was complete. It would do a small festival run, pick up an award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and ultimately secure distribution courtesy of Monster Pictures.



2012 also saw NPG welcome Sarah Jayne as an official member. The long-term vision, a collective of creatives combining multiple and diverse skills to produce original quality work was beginning to take shape. In the same year we produced our first thriller, the short film Reckoning, starring Tim Ferris and Clara Pagone. The film would go on to screen at multiple local film festivals as well as several festivals in the United States. It picked up an award for ?Best Film? at Comfy Shorts as well as a 'Gold Remi' award at Worldfest Houston.


In 2013 Sarah Jayne directed her first short film, Dusk, while Ivan finished his spaghetti western parody, El Western. Both films are currently doing the festival circuit and have already screened at multiple festivals locally and internationally. Dusk also won ?Best Film? at Comfy Shorts.


2014 marks a new era and direction for Nexus Production Group. Accomplished talents Tim Ferris and Clara Pagone have joined the team. We have renewed our focus for creativity, originality, and quality, extended outlets for collaboration, and set goals to become a leader in the digital media industry by producing quality content above all else. The future looks very bright.


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