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  NPG Expansion


Since originating in 2007, the long-term vision for Nexus Production Group has involved a group of artists collaborating on diverse, original, high-quality film projects. Established in 2007 by Ivan Malekin and Patrick Siscar, NPG have built a collection of eclectic work, often with a focus on comedy, driven by Ivan’s love of the outrageous.


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(Pictures: El Western Poster, cast of of short film Eternal, Dace Poster)



With artistic director Sarah Jayne joining the team in 2012, and then writing, producing, and directing her first film Dusk in 2013, the scope and capabilities of Nexus quickly increased. We renewed our focus on collaboration, and with the original vision in mind, we added two new members to the team in early 2014.


Please welcome veteran actor and producer Tim Ferris, and award-winning actor, writer, and director Clara Pagone. We have worked with both artists previously on short film Reckoning, while Tim is also a long-term member of the Made In Melbourne Film Festival team. Both Tim and Clara are artists we highly respect for their professionalism, ideas, energy and focus.


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(Pictures: Sarah on set of Dusk, Clara and Tim on set of Reckoning)



Visit the About page to learn more about each member. It is an exciting time at Nexus. We are developing several high-concept projects; there is a renewed creative energy in the air, and so many different sources of ideas and inspiration. We even have a relaunched website to coincide with the ‘relaunch’ of Nexus.


So stay tuned. The future is only limited by our collective imaginations.