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  Dace on Monsterbox.TV


Our crazy debut feature film Dace Decklan: Private Eye is available to stream or download on Monsterbox.TV.  An initiative of Monster Pictures, a Melbourne-based distribution company dedicated to delivering films with bite, Monsterbox.TV is the world's first horror and cult specific Video On Demand platform. A perfect outlet for Dace Decklan, our own cheesy cult classic.  Click on the pic below to get your own copy of Dace today.


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DVDs of Dace are also available at the notorious PolyEster Books in Fitzroy.


Dace is also sold and available for hire at McAdam Flix, Movies & Games.  The following is a quick review from Glenn Cochrane, the video store owner and founder of B-movie news and reviews site Fakeshemp.


"Over the past couple of years we have featured a heap of locally made, independent films on our new release wall. These films are all subversive, challenging and made on micro-budgets. Without the support of distribution these films showcase emerging talents and we feel obligated & proud to support them. Our newest addition is DACE DECKLAN: PRIVATE EYE. This politically incorrect, offensive and HILARIOUS schlock comedy is guaranteed to get tongues wagging. This one is definitely NOT for prudes and you need to be willing to embrace this puerile and smutty exploit of bad-taste with open arms. HIRE IT FOR FREE. Best watched with mates (and booze... not that we would endorse such a thing hehe) -- NOW AVAILABLE TO HIRE!"



And, of course, you can always contact us to order Dace on DVD with all the extra features: outtakes, photo gallery, plus teasers and trailers.